23 July, 2018

A great article at the IAAF site

If you love athletics (and I assume that you do since you are following my blog) head over to the IAFF site and read the excellent article celebrating the centenary of South American athletics.

I appreciate it all the more so since they are using my fetish expression of "a brief history" (but since I did steal it myself from a famous physicist, I will not imply that the IAAF is plagiarising me). 

It's a great article taking us down the memory lane, with nice photos like that of Joaquim Cruz, beating Sir Sebastian at the 1984, Los Angeles, Olympics or a rare photo of Colombia's Ximena Restrepo (bronze medalist over 400 m at the 1992, Barcelona, Olympics) an athlete I was following closely at that time. And of course there is a photo of Caterina Ibargüen, my preferred triple jumper.

Speaking of triple jump, I found that something was missing. There is a photo of the great Adhemar da Silva, but, João Carlos de Oliveira, who is probably the most talented triple jumper of all times, was mentioned but there was no photo of him. This is fixed in this post with the photo of the great "João do Pulo" ("Leaping João") at the 1975 Panamerican Games, where he jumped a 17.89 m world record.

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