24 December, 2017

Stop Gatlin

I have, on several occasions, expressed my feelings on Gatlin. He's a double doping offender and he should have been banned for life back in 2006. The fact that he is still running is a slap in the face of all honourable athletes. The most recent development in the Gatlin doping saga is the affair of his coach Dennis Mitchell (a well-known doping offender himself). 

How did it all start? The Daily Telegraph sent a reporter who posed as a movie producer to Gatlin’s Florida training camp. There he met Mitchell as well as the agent, R. Wagner (who, unless I am mistaken, is the husband of doping offender Kelli White). The reporter explained that he was making a film about running and that his protagonist necessitated some performance-enhancing drugs in order to improve his speed. According to the reporter, Mitchell and Wagner “offered to supply and administer to the actor testosterone and human-growth hormone” for a total fee of 250000 $. Moreover Wagner insinuated that all athletes are taking forbidden substances.

It goes without saying that when the news broke out both Mitchell and Wagner tried to minimise their role in this embroilment, saying that they were playing along with the supposed producer to “get the job". I cannot understand what is meant by "get the job". They were going to supply and administer forbidden substances. How can it get worse? According to the US law, it is illegal to possess and distribute anabolic steroids without a prescription and a felony to posses or deal human growth hormone.

Mitchell went on declaring that he "never suggested in any way that any of his current athletes used any banned substances, or that he was familiar with training any of his current athletes with those substances". 

Gatlin's agent, ex-world record holder R. Nehemiah, stated that his client was not present when forbidden substances were discussed by Mitchell and company. Gatlin himself declared "I am not using and have not used performance-enhancing drugs. I was shocked and surprised to learn that my coach would have anything to do with even the appearance of these current accusations. I fired him as soon as I found out about this. All legal options are on the table as I will not allow others to lie about me like this". Well, it's Gatlin who is lying to our face here, when he says he has "not used performance-enhancing drugs". He has! At least twice. He should have been banned for life years ago but managed to get away with a tap on the hand and he is since then haunting the sprint landscape.

According to the Telegraph, Mitchell claimed that athletes are able to get away with doping because the drugs they use cannot be detected by tests. He went on to explain that there are all kind of designer synthetic drugs which the tests cannot find.

I say, enough is enough. It is time for Gatlin to pack-up and leave. Do we have to keep reminding him, like the spectators did during the Rio, 2016, Olympics, that he is undesirable? Dopers may deserve a second chance but Gatlin has burned up his, more than ten years back. 

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