11 December, 2017

On bizarre page views

In November 2016 something happened to the blog. All of a sudden the monthly page views skyrocketed, going from roughly 500 to 5000. Moreover these views concerned the 2016 posts and not the older ones. This went on for a little bit over 6 months. Then, in June 2017, it stopped. June and July had around 700 views and August, slightly over 1000 (certainly due to the increased interest in Athletics due to the World Championships). September and October went back to sub-1000 views but then in November I was greeted with an unexpected view surge.

Over one week there have been more than 1000 page views and, quite surprisingly, most of them were concentrated on one post: The javelin controversy. It's an article, essentially, on the "spanish style" and it is to date the one that has been the most frequently viewed. 
The second most viewed article of mine is the first of a series of three on pole vault: Pole vault, before and after. Over the last year it had had systematically more views than the javelin one. Thus I was thinking that one day soon it would surpass it in popularity. And then came the incredible surge for the "javelin controversy" putting it ahead of pole vault by some 800 views.

I am at total loss when it comes to explaining the views of my blog posts. One thing is possible: both the javelin and pole vault article may owe their popularity to being linked to from well-frequented sites. For the javelin controversy there is a discussion in the Athletics Weekly forum on the Spanish Style Javelin Technique and somebody gave the link to my post. (By the way, I am amazed at some persons' statement that they do not believe that one could throw 80 or 90 m with the spanish style. How can people be so ignorant of the history of athletics?). The pole vault post is linked to in Pinsdaddy through the photos of my post (which, in fact, are not mine since I found them through Google), in an article called the "Evolution Of Pole Vaulting". I don't believe this link suffices in order to generate the views of my pole vault post. The latter's popularity is most probably due to the fact that pole vault exerts a kind on fascination on people and, thus, there are many people who seek information on this discipline, ending up in my blog. 

Be that as it may, this last unexpected surge in page views is once more messing up my blog stats. On the other hand I am writing this blog just for my pleasure, so, who cares about statistics.

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