14 February, 2018

E. Karalis at world record heights

In last year's European Indoors' report I wrote about the young greek pole vaulter E. Karalis who was participating for the first time at a major championship. I said that I was going to keep an eye open for him (and, in case you  are wondering, the fact that he is greek did indeed influence my choice).

Karalis' 5.78m jump

His summer appearance was not as good as expected but this winter he is back to the top improving the U20 world record with a 5.78 mark. People will point out that A. Duplantis has jumped higher. However his marks cannot be recognised as a world record. In last year's 5.82 m there was no doping control and in this year's 5.83 m performance the bar supports were too wide (75 mm while the authorised limit is 55 mm), and the doping control was performed only one day later. Of course, Duplantis has a 5.90 m outdoor U20 world record and thus there is no doubt as to who is the top young pole vaulter. Still the fact that Karalis is pursuing his ascension is great news for all of us greek athletics fans. 

PS We did not have to wait for very long. Less than two weeks later Duplantis got back his record with a 5.88 m jump in Clermont-Ferrand.

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