22 March, 2017

I could not resist the temptation

( I know, I know, I have used this title before, but what can I do? It was a really real temptation this time).

Those who follow my blog would have certainly noticed that I am often referring to the posts of Swift_Girl in twitter or to the longer articles she publishes in her blog. Louise Caraher is leading an anti-doping campaign, cannot stand hypocrisy and does not hesitate to speak her mind. 

Ross Tucker is an exercise physiologist and together with his colleague Jonathan Dugas, have a web site devoted to analyses of performances with emphasis on athletics. I recently linked to their site and will certainly draw my inspiration from Tucker's writing when I will write my long-planned Semenya article.

Louise, being a real globe-trotter, was recently visiting South Africa and met Ross. On her twitter page I stumbled upon a photo of the two and, as I said, I could not resist the temptation to post it here. It goes without saying that I asked Louise's permission before publishing this post.

Louise Caraher with Ross Tucker

If Swift_Girl visits Paris one day I hope I'll have a photo of her with myself to put on this blog. (The same applies to Ross, obviously).

PS. Louise chimed in pointing out that the photo was not taken in South Africa but in Las Vegas. Since it's over 20 years since I visited Vegas I guess that I am excused for not recognising the place.

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