15 November, 2016

Something happened

On October 8th the blog completed three years of existence. In my post celebrating the third anniversary I was writing that the blog had had close to 20000 views since its first post. That's a bit more than 500 per month or slightly less than 20 per day. Then something happened: from October 15th the number of views skyrocketed. They went 47 on the 15th, 86 the day after and 201 on the 17th.

Over one month the number of views reached 4800 and on November 1st a record 246 views were attained. The tendency continues to this date with some ups and downs: 20 views on November 5th, 41 on the 6th but then 225 on the 8th. (And 201 on November 15th, as I write these lines).

I must say that I do not understand this. The increased number of views concerns only articles posted in 2016. The views of the pre-2016 did not change appreciably. Moreover 90 % of the 4800 page views come from the US. 

My first idea was that this was an artefact due to some new way of Google counting page views. But a look at my second blog (visit it!) sufficed in order to invalidate this hypothesis. There last month's page views did not exceed 500 (US counting for roughly 40 % of the total). Another interpretation could have been that the blog was cited and linked to in some well-frequented page. This is the case of my most viewed article "The javelin controversy". But this would not explain the uniform increase of the views of the 2016 posts (some of which are necessarily less interesting than others).

So, I am at loss. Of course, one could argue that having more page views is a good thing but if these views are due to some robot piloted by keywords which, olympiade oblige, contain the word "athletics" the situation could become frustrating. (However this scenario is also improbable due to the non-negligible fluctuations observed).

Still, it is somehow funny to check the views in the morning finding out that the previous day's ones have jumped from a dozen or two to over a hundred, once people in the US started working. 

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