08 October, 2016

The blog is three years old

Three years ago I started blogging on Athletics after having read the book of A. Juilland "Rethinking Track and Field". Yes, I stole his title, sort of. But then as Steve Jobs said once, quoting Picasso (but in fact it was T.S. Eliot who said it): "good artists copy, great artists steal". Just joking. The idea was to present some ideas of mine which would not justify a full article (I have published a few of those in New Studies in Athletics). Here I was aiming at shorter things and, at times, at presenting some irreverent ideas. The formula of a blog was one I was familiar with since one year before I had started a blog on pinballs. (And yes, the link is active so that you can click it and visit that other blog of mine).

Three years later the blog is still alive. Not a single month has gone by without me posting something. With more than 100 posts and closing in on the 20000 views the blog has slowly evolved. In the beginning I was not planning to comment on current events. But then, when one finds something interesting, one cannot resist the temptation. Moreover after having followed last year's World Championships I felt that I had to write about my experience. This was the beginning of a series of articles with a report on the major championships. This year I wrote about the World Indoors, The Europeans and the Olympics. I like the formula because it allows me not only to comment on the championships but also to give my impressions on selected athletes, the ones I will follow in the future and the ones I would like not to see again on the track (Gatlin and Pitkämäki, I am looking at you).

Reading the articles I have published one can easily distinguish my love for combined events. Well, it's a fact. I have always been fascinated by the decathlon (and have always been hoping that one day women were going to adopt it, but my hopes are slowly fading). So, if you are a combined-events buff like myself don't hesitate to visit here. I am signing for at least one more year of blogging.

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