17 September, 2016

This site is an incontrovertible must

I cannot believe I have never given a link to one of the best sites for athletics fans out there: Watch Athletics

They have a collection of videos of all (well, most) the international meetings of track and field. So, if you are like myself, without tv access to Diamond League competitions, the only solution is to watch the videos on Watch Athletics. (The "no access" thing needs some clarification. When I am in Greece there is simply no channel giving the Diamond League events: they are too expensive for a crisis stricken country. We can consider ourselves lucky that the official tv channels are offering european and world championships as well as olympic games. When I am in France, I cannot watch the Diamond League program because it is behind a paywall and it is out of the question that I pay for this).

Most of the videos of Watch Athletics are on YouTube. However accessing them through the site simplifies everything since you do not have to search for them among the zillions of videos of YouTube. (And, yes, I know that Google, the owner of YouTube, is excellent at searching, but I still prefer the simpler solution).

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