12 June, 2016

A very interesting site, but ...

The Web may be dominated by english but this does not mean that there do not exist excellent pages in other languages. So I will keep giving links to sites that I like, independently of the language they are written in. (Of course, I am somewhat biased towards the languages I can read myself, but frankly if you feel that you should absolutely get the gist of some article, an automatic translation could help somewhat).

This time I would like to link to an italian site: Storie di Sport

It is not a site on athletics. Its scope is much broader, covering all sports. I encountered several great articles but even if you are interested only in athletics you can find, published in the last six months, articles on Stella Walsh, Fanny Blankers-Koen and Roger Bannister. 

If you can read italian, do not hesitate to visit this excellent site.

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