09 March, 2016

A great article by J.-P. Vazel

Those who follow my blog have certainly noticed that I have a great respect for the french coach and blogger extraordinaire Jean-Pierre Vazel. He is a constant source of inspiration for this blog. Unfortunately his blog, Plus vite, plus haut, plus fort (which is the french translation of the Olympic motto "Citius, altius, fortius", proposed by de Coubertin in latin for the Paris, 1924, Games) is in french and thus is reserved only to the happy few who can understand the language of Molière. 

However this time Vazel has published an article in english. You can find it at the site of freelap (a site I recommend for all people interested in coaching). The subject is a historical account of the maximal speed attained by humans (males only) over the last 100 years. 

It's a brilliant piece of work, perfectly documented and and with a cogent analysis. As always, concerning J.-P. Vazel's work I urge you to go there and read his article. This time you do not have the excuse of the language.

And for those who could have a doubt. No, the favicon of my blog is not taken from the same picture as the one of the article of Vazel. 

Mine is taken from the amphora above.

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