06 October, 2015

The blog is two years old

Two years ago I started blogging on Athletics. I had just finished reading the book of A. Juilland "Rethinking Track and Field" and that gave me the motivation for presenting my ideas, some of them in perfect agreement the ones of Juilland and some strongly diverging. I chose the blog format since I had already some experience with this form of expression thanks to my pinball blog. (In case you wonder, the link is there in order to bait you to visiting my other blog).

The main idea was to write short technical articles on Athletics. My longer work is published from time to time in New Studies in Athletics, the technical journal of the IAAF, but there was room for shorter articles focusing on a specific subject and which could be developed in a page or so. However, as everything alive, the blog has evolved veering off the initial direction, or, to be more precise, branching out to something larger than what I initially planned. In fact, whenever something interesting occurs I cannot resist writing a post with my comments. Thus the blog, form a strictly technical one, became also one where selected current events are also presented and discussed. Although that was not my intention at the outset, I find this formula more balanced and, hopefully, more appealing to potential readers. 

With 70 posts and more than 10000 pageviews the blog enters the third year of its life. And I will do my best to keep it alive for as long as I have something non trivial to say.

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