03 June, 2015

I could not believe my eyes

I was looking up athlete’s results at the IAAF’s athletes’ page and I ended up on Al Oerter’s page. And there I had a major shock. You can see for yourselves.

The Tokyo, 1964, Olympics result has simply disappeared. I could easily understand a blank page, like the one for Jesse Owens, where no result whatsoever is given. One can interpret this as a page under construction (although the more I think about this the more I find it unforgivable). But having decided to present the data on one of the greatest athletes of all times they should have done it correctly. We are talking about the official site of the International Association of Athletics Federations, not some fan maintained page.

(In case you were wondering: the four olympic victories of “king” Carl in long jump do appear correctly in his respective page on the IAAF site).

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