06 October, 2014

The blog is one year old

One year ago I decided to start writing on athletics and, having the experience of another blog (on pinballs), I opted immediately for the blog format. I have been publishing, for a few years now, scientific articles on track and field appearing in New Studies in Athletics. While those articles correspond to more extensive studies, which warrant a full paper, there are ideas which could be developed in a few paragraphs and thus be more suitable for a blog entry. Moreover the blog, inspired by the revolutionary ideas of A. Juilland, allows me to formulate “crazy” proposals, which, at least to my eyes, could make possible a net progress in athletics but which would never be taken seriously by the over-conservative athletics milieu. 

Today the blog is one year old:

Close to 4000 page views and some 38 entries later the blog has matured and grown during this year. Comparing my two blogs I find “Rethinking” much more difficult to maintain. Writing on pinballs is easier since one can limit oneself to commenting on the new games which make regularly their appearance. The present blog does not deal with current affairs (or only exceptionally) but, rather, tries to focus on more fundamental questions. It is my intention to try to keep the blog alive the longest possible but I am perfectly aware that I may someday run out of steam. However, right now, I feel that I have many more things to write about. So, stay with me and let us look forward to another year full of athletics.

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